About Us

BigTeaHouse began as a small family concept launching in 2010.  With various corporate and health backgrounds and an entrepreneurial spirit, we wanted to share our passion for fine gourmet tea from across the world.  We are committed to expanding our experience and education of all tea.  We are passionate about sharing our knowledge with other tea lovers and those who have yet to enter this astounding and boundless world.  The more we learn about tea and its many varieties, origins, undertones and health benefits, the more we love it!

Fine high quality ingredients are what move us when it comes to enjoying a great cup of tea, and we hope that you will enjoy one with us!  Our motivation is to provide customer satisfaction with each and every sip.  We are continuously adapting to bring quality, creativity and variety to our customers.  We dedicate ourselves to bring focused attention to each exquisite leaf, and more importantly, the experience of each BigTeaHouse customer!